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Our Counsellor Tracy Cerff works with all individual / couple / family issues and presenting problems. Tracy specialises in abuse and domestic violence issues; Business Management; and Training & Assessment. Read on to find out more about these services.

TRACY-ANN CERFF - SERENE CARE” Counselling service

Offering hope, healing and support in a calm and safe environment…

The proprietor of Serene Care, Tracy-Ann Cerff, is a trained professional counsellor willing to help you work through personal problems and gain healing. Tracy-Ann assists clients to resolve problems in a positive approach by focusing together on clarifying the main issues, exploring options, developing strategies and increasing self-awareness of client’s own inner strengths.

Tracy-Ann has qualifications in general and workplace counselling, specialising in abuse and domestic violence issues; Business Management; and Training & Assessment. Being a member of the Australian Counselling Association and with 30 years business experience, Tracy-Ann has decided to set up practice in the Forster Health Solutions Centre, 111 Macintosh Street, Forster.

Services Available:
  • Counselling services - in all individual / couple / family issues and presenting problems, specialising in abuse and domestic violence.
  • Motivational speaking - do your employees / clients / students need uplifting and/or confidence building? Do they need inspiration to ‘keep going’ to cope with everyday life issues? Tracy-Ann can help give audiences a new perspective on life and how they can make and achieve their own goals and follow their dreams.
  • Domestic Violence Seminars/Workshops – Tracy-Ann not only has qualifications in the effects of and strategies for Domestic violence, but life experiences herself that puts her “in the victim’s shoes” and is able to relate first hand with real, empathic respect to their needs. Seminars are periodically held in local communities or invite her to come and speak to your group audience to give hope and practical strategies & techniques to make important life choices that are affected by Domestic Violence and/or abuse.
  • Workplace Counselling - Tracy-Ann has majored in workplace counselling after seeing too many conflicts ruin lives unnecessarily in the workplace throughout her 30 years in business. Many situations at work cause conflict, stress and illness for employees that could be avoided or treated with manageable negotiations and techniques.
  • Living with Stress Seminars - Many people try to live without stress and wonder why it is practically impossible. Tracy-Ann helps her audience realise that they will always live with stressors in their lives, but offers practical advice on managing them so that they no longer absorb them or hinder their everyday activities.
  • Workshops/Training offered in – Case Management; Responding to Difficult and Challenging Behaviours; Working effectively in Alcohol and other drugs sector and Mental Health to name a few.
All consultations are private and confidential and appointments can be made by calling Tracy-Ann on 0488 73 73 63 (0488 serene) or coming into the centre at 111 Macintosh Street, Forster. Appointments are made for a duration of one hour each visit, with an initial first half hour visit free so that you can explain your situation to Tracy-Ann and decide on your options for future remedial consultations.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

  • Diploma of Holistic Massage (DHM)
  • Passive Mobilisation and Traction (Certificate)
  • Myofascial Release Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy (Certificate vii)
  • Diploma of Clinical and Humanistic Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma of Psychophysical Therapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Clinical Psychophysics
  • Functional Release and Pain Source Relief Therapies

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