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Providing Hypnotherapy, Mesmerism and Psychophysical Therapy to the Forster Community.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Is a deep relaxation state where the patient feels comfortable and secure and can accept information that is being fed into the subconscious mind directly. It is a state between waking and sleeping where the patient can feel physical sensations and yet be aware of external impressions. You can even see as well as hear & still be in a state of hypnosis.


Is a non-verbal, no-contact relaxation technique used as an adjunct in the release of stress and free floating anxiety. It is an effective treatment for feeling out of sorts, depressed or just that something is not quite right.

Psychophysical Therapy

Works on the bio-energetic field of the body. It safely releases blockages in the energy field, which have been produced by mental, emotional or physical traumas. It can produce a feeling of lightness and well being which follows from the freedom of bio-energy flowing through the whole system. The role of the psychophysical therapist is to ensure that the bio energy flows freely so the person can allow themselves to be well.

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  • Diploma of Holistic Massage (DHM)
  • Passive Mobilisation and Traction (Certificate)
  • Myofascial Release Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy (Certificate vii)
  • Diploma of Clinical and Humanistic Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma of Psychophysical Therapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Clinical Psychophysics
  • Functional Release and Pain Source Relief Therapies

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